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i'm not o-fucking-k [userpic]
by i'm not o-fucking-k (okrebecca)
at November 22nd, 2006 (05:13 am)

current mood: determined

i'm so sad i cannot remember anything about this wonderful early 90s (estimated) pop punk song except that it quotes the stuart smiley motto in its chorus:

"because i'm good enough, and i'm smart enough, and goshdarnit, people like me!"
analyse all you want i'm just dying to identify the song and or artist. google has failed me. other search engines pale in comparison to even googles limited help. SO I BEG OF YOU! DONT GIVE UP! HELP ME SEARCH AND WRACK YOUR BRAINS!

<3 thanks so much for any effort you make to aid in my quest. i will not die happy until i can remember this or find the mixtape it was on.


Posted by: miss alice emma (bettypage1000)
Posted at: November 23rd, 2006 09:32 pm (UTC)

ok, i found this.... http://www.answers.com/topic/same-different-day-cd-dvd
which, if you scroll down, says that this guy used that catchphrase as a chorus, but its not pop punk!

hope this may give you a clue. but it seems from a quick perusal of google that this is a really common saying, its used all the time!

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